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Bespoke Estate Fences

Being both manufacturers and suppliers we can provide bespoke estate fence solutions. While our standard 1.2 metre high, 5 rail estate fence is the most popular there are occasions when something a bit different is required and we do our best to accommodate. 

Here are some of the variants we have offered to date.


Lamb wires are typically used along the lower sections of the fence in between the rails to reduce the gap sizes in order to retain smaller livestock or pets. The wires can also be used to attach chicken wire or mesh to the fence with cable ties or hog rings, although these can be attached directly to the rails if preferred.

This post is ready to receive lamb wires with 3 x 8mm holes

The end posts have loops attached for wire strainers

We can also supply wire and wire strainers if required

estate fence wire
estate fence strainers
Tall gate estate fencing for deers


Just the same principal as standard estate fencing but taller, the horizontal Rail spacing is similar but there are more of them, typically 7 or 8. We can offer all the same features with deer fencing as for the standard estate fences such as bolt down plates, lamb wires, thrust plates etc. 

A gate to match the deer fence.

Estate fences for sloping sites

There is flexibility to install our standard weld your own estate fence on a slope of up to 15 degrees, that’s a drop of around 1 metre every 4 metre run. On steeper sites limiting factor is the angle of the rails through the posts. If the slope is steeper than this we can increase the size of the holes in the posts to allow the angle of the rails to be increased. The panels can accommodate a slope by stepping them. In extreme cases where the drop is more than a panel height over their 2 metre length we can supply 1 metre wide panels or less ( subject to a surcharge).


If your ground is particularly soft ground or you have livestock which is likely to be pushing on the fence we recommend thrust plates on the posts. These are set in line with the fence to increase the surface area of the posts against the soil when pushed against

making estate fencing pest proof


This can be done without any bespoke manufacturing on our part but we felt it was worth a mention. We recommend using PVC coated wire mesh, it is more rigid than the often used chicken wire which can be tricky to keep tight and free of ripples which can make it look untidy. The wire mesh is usually available in black or green with a choice of hole sizes.

The mesh can be attached to the estate fence rails using wire or cable ties. Ensure to dig it into the ground around 200mm if your looking to stop rabbits or hares or run it flat out horizontally over the ground (on the pests side) by around 300mm and peg down (rabbits tend to dig right next to the fence so this should stop them burrowing and reduces the amount of digging you need to do !)

Installed well the netting shouldn’t detract from the estate fence.


The standard height estate fence is 1.2m tall with 5 horizontal rails. The next most common height we are asked for is 90cm high with 4 rails, while not detailed in our prices we are happy to accommodate this and work to any rail spacing.

Our standard rails are solid round top and solid steel flat lower rails, we are happy to supply hollow tube rails or any rail type providing we are able to make the appropriate shaped hole in the posts. We have a large selection of punches for most rail types and on larger orders happy to source bespoke tooling to  accommodate.

estate fence gates

Gates made to any size

Each estate gates are made to order and while our pricing is for set sizes we can make everything in between.

We will continue add to the website as we come across even more diverse estate fence variations, we like a challenge so please get in touch with yours!