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Estate fencing panels

The ultimate in estate fencing convenience. Loved by developers and home owners wishing to add a rural prestige to their site. These ready made panels are quick and simple to install and create an extremely strong Estate fence.

Not to be confused with hollow rail and post options, these panels are the real deal with the traditional five rails made from solid round and flat steel bars to create an estate fence 1.2 meters high.

The panels simply bolt together (bolts supplied) through the predrilled slots. They can can either be supplied with extended legs for cementing in the ground or with bolt down plates for attaching to hard surfaces.

with optional decorative end posts, any angle posts and cut panel kits we have you covered. See below for full list of options.

We see our panels most often installed in housing developments where the panel system is preferred as it is a fencing system most contractors have worked with before.


Cost per metre unpainted £48.50 (£97.00 per panel)

Cost per metre painted £53.00 (£106.00 per panel)

Prices exclude VAT
Estate Fencing Panels

Cost per metre unpainted £48.50 (£97.00 per panel)
Cost per metre painted £53.00 (£106.00 per panel)
Prices exclude VAT

Optional extras for our ready-made estate panels

Corner posts

To turn a right angle you can simply cement a panel in at 90 degrees to one another. For those wishing to make a more decorative statement and a more rigid corner, we can provide a corner post. These are chunky 60mm box section posts with a round finial. They provide a nice end / start to a new run. These simply attach to the panels using self-drilling screws we supply, there is flexibility to attach them at any height, you may decide to make them more prominent and raise them above the rest of the fence a few centimetres.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

Estate Fencing End Posts
Estate Fencing Any Angle Posts

Any angle posts

Like the corner posts, these are not essential as you can simply adjoin a panel at any angle. For a more robust and decorative demarcation to a change of direction we can supply job, however, we can supply 60mm diameter round posts which allow you to connect both adjoining panels at any point giving you the ultimate flexibility. Like the corner posts, they simply attach to the panels using self-drilling screws.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

End posts

In the case of the panels, the end posts are the same as the corner posts. They provide decorative ends to your fence. They are for aesthetic appeal and not a necessity. They attach to the panels using the self-drilling screws we supply.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

Estate Fencing End Posts
Estate Fencing Cut Panel Finishing Posts

Cut panel finishing post

If you need to cut a panel to size our finishing posts allow you to attach the cut rails to it. The top bar slides into the round sleeve and secures with a screw, the cut rails are attached to the lugs by drilling and bolting.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

Bolt Down Plates

If fixing any of our estate fencing systems to concrete or other hard surfaces please enquire about our base plate option.

All post types can be supplied with base plates to include our panels.

For advice on fixing bolt down posts, see our guide on securing estate fence panels.

bolt down plates for fencing
Estate Fence Gates

Estate Fencing Gates

We fabricate estate gates from 60cm wide up to 6 metres wide as a pair. These will match your estate fence perfectly. Our gates come with hinges and latch attached and a minimum of 60/60 box section posts capped with finials. With nice scroll details and simple to use sliding bolt set as a convenient height. Installation could not be easier.

Please see our estate fencing gates page for more info.


Prices start at £295.00


Please provide your size requirements for a price

Frequently asked questions

Are estate fencing panels right for me?

Our estate fencing panels provide a traditional 5-rail estate fence and are the most straightforward system to install. Each one is 2 meters wide and bolts together to form a continuous run. We provide the nuts and bolts, you just need to dig the holes, connect the panels and concrete them in.

What will I receive with each order?

You will receive 2 meter-wide panels 1.8 meters high to create a fence around 1.2 meters tall with 60cm of legs below ground. Or bolt down feet if securing to hard surfaces. Nuts and bolts to connect the panels are included too.

How do I install estate fencing panels?

The key installation phases are:

  • Mark out the fence line with a string line.
  • Dig holes to the correct depth at each point there is a post-leg.
  • Place the panels in the holes, bolt them together and concrete in as you go + Ensure the panels are level and supported while the concrete is setting.
  • That’s it!


Please see our installation guide for more details.

How do I get a quote and place an order?

Our online prices are up to date. However, we always provide a dedicated price for your estate fence. Please provide us with measurements and your details by either email, phone or our quote form. The quote includes payment details.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a discount on orders over 100 metres, with further discounts over 250 meters.

How long does delivery take?

Our standard £65.00 delivery is 3 to 4 weeks.

We also offer a 7-day express service to most areas for £155.00.

How do we deliver?

Standard deliveries are typically made via a select group of very reliable self-employed couriers who we work with on a regular basis, the 3-4 week lead time allows us to collate other orders in your area before we send our guys (or girls ) out in their vans. This helps us keep delivery costs down.

The 7 working day option is normally via the pallet network with your order arriving on a curtain-sided lorry, due to the size of the panels we are charged 3 or 4 pallet spaces and like the standard delivery is typically subsidised by us.

Can I collect it?

Yes, you can between normal opening hours, please give us 2-3 days’ notice prior to collection.

Do I need to paint my fence?

We can do this for you. Many customers like the weathered steel and the zero maintenance element of leaving metal to age naturally. Your estate fence will still last well in excess of 50 years.

If you opt for painting yourself, please get in touch for any advice on suitable paints. Due to the nature of estate fencing painting is a quick and simple task.

What are the optional extras for?

We offer end posts and corner posts for turning 90 degrees, an any angle post for running your fence panels off at any angle, bolt-down posts for securing your fence to a hard surface and for the panels we also offer a cut panel kit to allow you to finish a panel you need to cut to size.

Please see the images below:

Do you offer gates?

Yes, we offer estate gates to match your panels. These are provided ready to fit with hinges, latch and posts. We can supply pedestrians up to wide vehicle estate gates.

Please see our estate gates page.

Can you offer different types of estate fences?

Yes, please get in touch for anything not shown on the website. We can offer 4 rail estate fences, taller deer fencing and more.

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