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We can provide estate gates to accompany your estate fencing perfectly. From a narrow pedestrian estate gate 90cm wide up to a pair of vehicle estate gates spanning 6 meters wide. We manufacture all estate gates to order so you can choose any size in between.

All gates come with hinges and latch attached and a pair of posts so installation could not be simpler. If you have posts already in situ we can make hinges to attach to existing metal or timber posts.

Each gate comes with a tall crook curved detail and we have recently updated the design to include crook latch handle too.

Larger gates come with additional bracing to prevent dropping.

The gates are designed and fabricated by us in house. You save by buying directly from us and if you need something bespoke we can accommodate. Please get in touch

Estate Gates being made

To order your estate gate simply email or call us with the dimensions and we provide you with a bespoke quote with payment details if you wish to go ahead


All gates are 1.2m with 5 horizontal rails

Gates come with both posts, hinges and all ironwork but are unpainted. Please contact us for a painted or galvanised finish

Gate width Price excl. VAT

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Delivery = £65.00

 (if the order is part of an estate fence order then the delivery charge is £65.00 for the whole order)

Estate Gates


As mentioned our estate gates and posts come with hinges pre attached so installation doesn’t require any special tools or experience.

For standard ground fixing we supply posts 70cm longer than the gate height, the 70cm goes below ground for concreting into position.  We can also supply bolt down posts for attaching to hard surfaces. Larger gates will come with longer posts.

All you need to install your estate gate is a spirit level, spanner for a 16mm nut, tape measure, sand and cement or post mix and digging equipment.

Five simple steps for installing your estate gates

Step One
Dig the first post hole, ideally this is the hanging (hinge) post. Ensure there is plenty of space around the post to surround it in cement.

Step Two
Check the hole depth, if adjoining an estate fence ensure the top rail of the gate is level with the top rail of the fence.

Step Three
Cement the hinge post in, we recommend setting the post so it is leaning back a fraction so once the gate is hung the post will flex to the upright. Ensure the spirit level bubble is within the lines but you can have it touching one of them to obtain the correct lean back.

Step Four
Once the cement is set the gate can be hung, simply position the loop hinges on the gate so the pins on the posts slot into them. You may need to unscrew one of the loops on the gate to do this and re attach them once on the pin. The hinge can be adjusted by tightening / loosening the nuts. Ensure you’ve allowed for plenty of hinge adjustment in the future

Estate Gate Brackets & Fixtures

Step Five
Using the gate as a guide dig the hole for the closer post, ensure the hole in the closer post will receive the gate push latch. Leave a gap of at least 15mm between the gate and closer post for hinge adjustment. When you happy cement the closer post in.

Alternatively it is possible to cement both posts in at the same time then hang the gate once the cement is set. This takes a bit more careful set up to ensure the posts are the correct height and distance apart. Lastly, if you are looking to paint your estate gate, please take a look at our gate painting advice.

We can also offer estate gate posts with bolt down plates. Please see more information on how to secure estate fence posts.

To make an enquiry or place an order please complete our quote form, call or email us