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Estate Fencing FAQs

Estate Fencing FAQs

What are standard Estate Fencing heights?

We offer the standard height of 1200mm with posts to go 600mm below ground so, our posts are 1800mm long. That said we can offer taller or shorter variants.


How is steel Estate Fencing installed?

It depends on which of the three systems you choose, see our Installation Guide page for full instructions on each system.


How long does estate fencing last?

Our estate fencing is guaranteed for 25 years, considering there is still some estate fencing around from the Victorian era you can be confident of a lifetime of service.


What is estate fencing made of?

All our estate fencing is made from mild steel, this is largely from British mills.


How much does estate fencing weigh?

This depends on the fencing system you choose, meterage and optional extras chosen have a bearing on the weight. Of course, taller deer or parkland will be heavier per metre. Whatever you choose we calculate the weight of each order for our deliveries or your collection.


How much does estate fencing cost per metre?

Our panels and self-build system cost £50.00 per metre and our weld-you-own system is £28.00 per metre.


Can I purchase estate fencing as a supply only?

Yes, all three systems are for supply only, we don’t install but can recommend installers for most areas of the UK if preferred. That said anyone with average DIY ability can install an estate fence.


What is the difference between parkland fencing and estate fencing?

They are different names for the same type of fencing. In fact agricultural fencing, estate railing, sheep, deer and horse fencing are all names to imply what is most commonly known as estate fencing.


How do you deliver?

Delivering large and heavy steel sections is a challenge. We use a variety of means depending on your location, any site restrictions, the size of the order and whether you’ve opted for an express option. These include the pallet network, a selection of private couriers and our own transport. We will advise you in advance.


How much is delivery?

Our standard delivery charge is £65.00 + VAT. The express option is typically around £150.00 + VAT.


How long is the delivery lead time?

Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks which gives us time to build a delivery round in your area. We may already have a few drops locally in which case our lead time will be less.

Our express delivery is 7 working days.


Which fencing system is the fastest to install?

It is possible to cover a lot of meterage quickly will all three estate fencing systems in comparison to other fencing types. To choose the fastest however, if the ground is easy to dig the panels and weld your own system is most likely to be the fastest system with the self-build kit taking a bit longer due to the time it takes to drill and bolt the 4 lower rails, this is done every three metres, the lugs are predrilled however to speed the process up.


What is the standard height?

The standard height we offer is 1.2 metres, there is some flexibility with this as you can simply raise the fence out of the ground or instead the posts further in. We can offer different heights for larger orders please enquire.


Why do we offer the 5 horizontal rail system?

We think this is the most aesthetically pleasing and is traditional. 4 rails look a little scant in our opinion.


Can we offer lower-straining wires to keep smaller animals out?

We can provide posts with additional holes to allow straining wires to be passed through.


Do we offer deer fencing?

Yes, we do, just provide us with your requirements.


What finish does our estate fencing come in?

All our fencing comes in untreated mild steel and is ideally painted on-site after installation. This prevents a paint finish from becoming damaged during installation. This also allows you to choose any colour or allow the fence to weather naturally it will still last a lifetime.


Can I secure my estate fence to hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or paving?

Yes, just ask for a bolt-down option, all the posts are 1.2m long and come with a bolt-down plate. These can be fixed to the ground with expanding bolts or threaded bar and resin which is a better option if the ground is not totally sound.


Do you offer estate gates?

Yes, we do, these are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please provide dimensions and we provide a dedicated quote.


Do we offer an installation service?

We don’t offer an installation service however our panels and estate fence kits are really simple to install and if you don’t fancy doing it anyone with average DIY skills should have no problem. Failing that we can usually recommend installers.


Do I have to paint estate fencing?

No, you don’t, it’s purely personal preference, we are happy to advise on suitable high-build paints which only require a single coat these are liable in any RAL colour so don’t feel committed to black. Painting is a quick and simple task compared to other fencing types, it’s only five horizontal rails and a post every metre.


How do I order?

Simply get in touch via any means or complete our enquiry form and we will come back to you on the same day during working hours.