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metal garden edging

Metal Garden Edging

The perfect accompaniment to estate fencing. Our metal garden edging is a commercial edging system, it is the ideal for creating beautifully crisp steel edges to your driveway, paths, lawns, beds and borders.

Designed and fabricated by us, our steel edging is, in our opinion, the most effective on the market and can be installed by anyone with basic tools.

With a unique joining system and long angle iron stakes for a firm hold in the ground. Our system leaves no visible fixings on the seen side, just a smooth uninterrupted steel face. At either 3mm or 6mm thick our edging is not to be confused with domestic metal edging products available.

For advice in which edge thickness is most suited for your project please get in touch.

Our client list includes the National trust, The Royal Estate Sandringham, English heritage, Royal Horticultural society, numerous botanic gardens, parks,  designers, landscapers and of course countless private gardens throughout the UK.

metal garden edging rusting against a lawn

For more information please call or email us or visit our sister site for full information.

With no metal edging experience you can install …

Perfect metal lawn edging

Steel edge you lawn with all the fixings hidden on the soil side.

Every time you trim your lawn you will be left with a perfectly sharp grass edge. The steel should be allow to weather brown naturally leaving what almost appears to be a sheer soil edge.

perfect lawn edges with metal edging

Beautiful metal driveway edging

Steel edging your driveway allows you to create beautifully flowing lines, turning circles or formal straight runs. What’s more our 6mm thick metal edge will tolerate being driven over if installed correctly and typically doesn’t require concreting in position meaning your lawn will flourish right to the edge.

No more yellow grass as it struggles to get a hold over the top of concrete haunching.

steel edging for driveways

Flowing steel flower bed edging

Over time bed and border edges usually creep due to erosion, wayward plants and over ambitious trimming. Installing a metal border edge will ensures they retain their shape permanently and look fantastic every time you trim your grass. Installing a new edge is also an opportunity to reshape your borders, the steel edge will form lovely flowing curves with minimal effort. We often find customers let the natural flex of the steel dictate their new border edge, indeed this achieves the most natural looking curves

No more yellow grass as it struggles to get a hold over the top of concrete haunching.

metal garden edging for flower beds

Formal metal path edging

Or informal metal path edge for that matter. For formal straight runs we recommend the 6mm thick metal edging, it will hold a straight run better than the 3mm edge. Despite its thickness the 6mm edge will also forms pretty tight curves, to within a 2 metre radius under its natural flex.

If your path is only going to receive light pedestrian traffic then the 3mm thick edge will be fine, this can form much tighter curves, down to a 1 metre radius. It can also be bent by hand to form your own rounded corners.

Formal metal path edging

Crisp metal raised bed edging

Our 6mm thick edging come in 2 additional height options 200mm and 300mm. These allow you to create raised beds, terracing and steps. The edging can be cut to length on site with an angle grinder or we can offer a cut to length service. Like all our edging it is best left untreated to weather meaning there is no maintenance required.

crisp metal raised bed edging

What you get with each metal garden edging order

With each order you will receive all the edge, stakes, joining plates and nuts you need to complete your edging project.

metal garden edging bits

We can also offer corners at any angle if required (from £20.00 each). On the occasion you need to cut your edge and then re connect the cut end we can offer joining kits too. (£12.50 each).

Please get in touch for advice on which edge height and thickness is best for your project, as a basic rule we recommend the 6mm thick edge for driveways and paths. For border edging the 3mm thick metal edge is ideal.

Metal Edge heights range from 75mm up to 150mm in the 3mm thickness. In the 6mm edge thickness we offer these sizes plus a 200mm and 300mm height.

Edging price list

Prices exclude VAT
Prices per metre including all fixings

Edge Height 3mm thick edge 6mm thick edge

Standard delivery is £65.00

The 6mm thick edge comes in 3m lengths. The 3mm comes in 2m lengths.

For every order we provided a dedicated quote. Please get in touch with your requirements to receive yours.

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