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Securing Your Estate Fence Bolt Down Posts

All our estate fencing products can be supplied with bolt down plates, to include the estate panels, all posts in weld your own estate fence kits, even gate posts can be supplied with oversize base plates.

So whether you have a concrete base, paving or tarmac the base plates allow you to bolt down a complete estate fence and all possible features too.

How to fix your base plates

There are two main methods we recommend to secure the base plates of your estate fence. Both work on a similar principal.

The quickest and probably the simplest method are shield anchor bolts. These expand into the concrete when tightened. We use projecting shield anchors which have a longer threaded stud.

These are ideal for solid and sound surfaces, they apply force to the sides of the drilled hole in a similar principal to a rawl plug. However we wouldn’t advise expanding bolts on top of a wall where they could force the brick or stone apart or on any surface which could crack.

Bolts for securing estate fence

We recommend M8 or M10 shield anchors or threaded bar if resin fixing

The alternative is using threaded bar and resin. We tend to prefer this method as it allows for a deeper fixing and by using a resin glue there are no forces to split a brick or crack apart concrete or paving.

R Kem II is our go to resin, others are available

The fixing method for either is relatively similar and summarised in the following steps.

  • Drill the holes using the base plate as a guide. Holes should be around 4mm larger than the diameter of the anchor bolt or threaded bar.
  • In the case of resin fixing it is most important that the drilled holes are cleaned to remove dust etc, use a wire brush and or a blower.
  • In the case of the shield anchor bolts simply place them in the drilled holes, put the estate fence bolt down post in position with the anchor bolt thread protruding through the base plate, place the washer and nut onto the thread and tighten.
  • With the resin fixing, inject the resin almost to the top of the drilled holes, then align the posts plate with the holes, push the threaded bar through the base plates into the resin filled holes ( wipe any excess resin you push as you go)

Prior to injecting the resin bear in mind you have limited time before it sets, have the threaded bar cut to the right length and we tend to thread the nut on before p as it can be a bit fiddly screwing a nut onto the cut end of threaded bar ( little tip is trim around the outside of the threaded bar towards the centre rather than one cut through it which can leave a burr). Ideally have a number of posts and drilled holes ready to go to save time.


  • Once the resin is set hard tighten the nuts, this can be as little as 10 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature.
  • While fixing the bolt down posts check level of both sides and and use packers / spacers if necessary to straighten.


For any further advice on fixing your estate fencing to hard surfaces, or any surface in fact, please get in touch.

As with any aspect of estate fencing, if you have any queries on painting, please get in touch and we will do our best to assist