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estate fencing options compared

The two estate fencing options compared

We offer two types of estate fencing for self-installation with countrywide delivery. These are ready-made panels or the materials to build and weld your own.

All will provide a 1.2m tall fence with 60cm of the post below ground as standard unless you require our bolt-down posts in which case the 60cm below ground is replaced by a plate welded to the post at ground level. There is more information on bolt-down posts below.

Please advise if you are looking for shorter or taller, deer or parkland fencing or round rails all around as we can provide these as well.

The two options consist of a traditional 20mm diameter round top rail and 4 lower rails of a 25/6 flat bar. Both systems look virtually the same, the choice is more around installation preference and cost.

We can offer the panels painted or as bare steel. The weld your own fence system is supplied as bare untreated steel.

If you do not fancy installing your own fence we can usually recommend installers in your area. Please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

You may ask, what’s the difference between the two different estate fence options?

We have produced the table below which explains exactly that.

Compare Panels Weld your own

£50.00 per metre

£28.00 per metre

Brief description

Pre-made estate fence panels 2m wide are simply bolted together and are concreted into position. We supply the fixings.

We supply all the posts and rails you need to build your estate fence and weld it on-site. Posts are pre-punched to receive the rails.

Ease of erection

Very simple and fast. Dig holes for the panel’s legs, bolt the panels together (fixings supplied) and cement the legs in situ.

Simple and fast. Knock the posts in every metre. Feed rails through the posts. Weld rails to the posts.

Ability to follow ground undulations and curves

Panels can be stepped to follow undulations. They can be set at angles to one another to follow curves in straight 2-metre increments.

The weld-your-own option can follow curves and undulations.


Welding your estate fence will produce a very strong fence, especially if the rails are welded to every post.

Strong – As with the self-build kits, there can be some movement of the posts if pushed by large livestock. Cementing the posts in will prevent this.


Bare steel or painted as an optional extra

Bare steel.

Optional extras

The following are available:

– Square end posts

– Square corner posts

– Any angle posts

– Cut panel finishing posts

Estate fencing gates

– Bolt Down Posts.


(See Below for more information)

The following are available:

– Square end posts

– Square corner posts

– Any angle posts

– Cut panel finishing posts

Estate fencing gates

– Bolt Down Posts.


(See Below for more information)


Very convenient and fast to erect. Can be cut to size and stepped.

Lower price than the panels, a little more work installing and does require the ability to weld, but over a good number of metres the savings are significant.

Estate Fencing Gates

We fabricate estate gates from 60cm wide up to 6 metres wide as a pair. These will match your estate fence perfectly. Our gates come with hinges and latch attached and a minimum of 60/60 box section posts capped with finials. With nice scroll details and simple to use sliding bolt set as a convenient height. Installation could not be easier.


Prices start at £275.00


Please provide your size requirements for a price

Estate Fence Gates

Attaching Estate Fencing to a solid surface

For all of the above options we can provide bolt-down posts, these allow you to secure the fence to hard surfaces such as paving or concrete.

If you have any queries on our estate fencing options or are looking for taller estate fencing or deer fencing please get in touch.

Estate Fencing Bolt Down Post

Estate Fencing Panels

Weld your own