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Weld Your Own Estate Fencing

Weld Your Own Estate Fencing

Our weld-your-own estate fencing is the traditional 5 rail system. A solid top round rail 20mm in diameter and 4 lower rails of 25mm / 6mm thick flat bar. The rails are typically supplied 3 metres long. We can often supply 6-metre rail lengths on large orders depending on location. The pre-punched posts are 40mm wide/8mm thick.

A post is provided for each metre of fencing plus one to complete your fence at no additional charge.

If you’re not sure your up to welding your own estate fence, please get in touch we can talk you through it and hopefully put your mind at rest. See our installation guide for more information

Cost per metre £28.00 + VAT

Options and Prices on weld your own fencing

Optional extras for our weld your own estate fencing

End/Corner posts

The end posts and corner posts are the same on the weld your own option, simply weld the rails onto the post at one or adjacent sides. The box section post with finials provides a stately end to a fence or change of direction.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

Estate Fencing End Posts
Estate Fencing Any Angle Posts

Any angle posts

These are round posts and allow you to weld your rails onto them at any angle.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

Bolt Down Post

If fixing any of our fencing systems to concrete or other hard surfaces please enquire about our base plate option.

All post types can be supplied with base plates to include our panels.


Cost each
£30.00 + VAT Unpainted
£40.00 + VAT Painted

Estate Fencing Bolt Down Posts
Estate Gates

Estate Gates

We offer estate fencing gates in the same style as your fence up to 3 metres wide (6 metres as a pair). They come with hinges attached and simply connect to the posts which are also included using the eye bolts provided. They are a very simple and decorative way to provide access through your estate fencing.

Please see our estate gates page for more information.


Gates start at £295.00 including posts and latch.


Please provide your size requirements for pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to weld your own estate fencing with no welding experience?

We think so. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

The beauty of welding is you can try as many times as you like and simply grind away any mistakes. Welding estate fencing requires just basic welding techniques.

Our quick tips for welding your own estate fence as a beginner are:

  • Use a stick/arc welder (Mig welders can be used but it can only be done on a day with no breeze).
  • Get a reasonable quality welder, as a beginner a decent machine will make life easier.
  • Watch instructional videos, YouTube has a great resource for beginner arc welding lessons.
  • Practice first, let us know and we can give you some scrap metal to practice one.
  • One thing nearly everyone does when trying for the first time is holding the welding rod too far and moving it too fast over the welding material. Take it slowly and gradually feed the rod towards the weld to maintain a gap between the end of the rod and the weld of about 3mm. This is where the practice and muscle memory come in.
  • Go for 2.5mm dia rods 6013 type and around 100 amps setting on the welder.


Enjoy it! learning to weld is one of the most satisfying skills to master. Once your estate fence is done you will be looking around to see what else you can weld together!

How do I install weld your own estate fencing?

The key installation stages are:

  • Mark out the fence line with a string line or if curved use the top round rail on the ground as a guide.
  • Knock the posts in every meter to leave 1.2m above the ground (or concrete some or all posts if the ground is very loose).
  • Level the posts and eye in to ensure they are all the correct height.
  • Feed the rails starting with two half rails on the 2nd and 4th rail to give a staggered join.
  • Weld the ends of the rails to the posts, and trim rails to length with a grinder if required.
  • Weld each point a rail passes through a post.
  • Paint if desired.


Please see our installation guide for more details.

Do I need to concrete the posts?

Typically no, in a majority of cases simply knocking the posts as done traditionally is fine. It will take a few weeks for the ground to settle around the newly installed posts and firm them up.

If you are of the mind to add concrete a little tip – dig a post hole around 30cm deep, knock the posts in the rest of the way, build the fence as normal then concrete around the posts at the end. This allows you to adjust the posts if required during installation and you don’t need to wait for the concrete to dry.

How do I get a quote and place an order?

We provide a quote for each order, just let us know the meterage you require and any optional extras and we will provide you with a dedicated quote. Once paid we will get your order underway.

To get a quote you can call, email or complete our quote form for a same-working-day response.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a discount on orders over 100 meters, please enquire about your quantity.

How long does delivery take?

Our standard delivery lead time is 3 to 4 weeks and costs £65.00.

We can offer an express service with a 7 working day turnaround for £155.00.

How do we deliver?

Standard lead time deliveries are typically made using our own couriers, we build a round of orders in your area and ship, the economies of shipping a number of orders to nearby locations allow us to reduce costs however it takes time to collate these orders hence the extended lead times.

The 7 working day option is typically shipping via the pallet network, the 3-meter-long lengths of steel require 3 pallet spaces hence the increased charge.

Can I collect it?

Yes, we can prepare your order with 3 days’ notice for collection from our yard at PE31 8NB.

Do I need to paint my fence?

Nope! It’s a personal preference (you may not need it but will need to weld first). Don’t feel limited to black though. Bear in mind once you’ve painted it’s something you will need to do every 2-3 years. See our advice on painting your estate fence.

What are the optional extras for?

With the weld-your-own estate fence we offer corner posts for turning 90 degrees, any angle posts for turning the fence at any angle and bolt-down posts for securing your fence to a hard surface.

Please see the images below:

Do you offer gates?

Yes, we do. Please enquire about ready-made gates and posts.

Can you offer different types of estate fences?

In most cases yes, we prefer to steer away from the thinner round rail options as these can bend if the fence is climbed over and are typically hollow so not very compatible with welding. We can offer taller estate fencing or deer fencing with additional rails.

Please get in touch and we will do our best to assist with any queries.

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Estate Fencing Options Compared

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