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Estate Fencing FAQs

Why estate fencing?


In our opinion, there is no fence which has a stronger association with beautiful British countryside than estate fencing.

In use since before the Victorian era as a functional fence to retain livestock it soon became fashionable among the “elites” for use in more domestic settings.

Estate or parkland fencing is still as popular as today for the same reasons it was popular 200 years ago but what makes it so desirable?

Estate fencing in norfolk

Excellent value

Despite its regal status estate fencing is cost effective. Our self-fit option starts at £28.00 + VAT per metre and with the ability to cover a lot of ground quickly getting it installed is usually cost effective too compared to other fence types.


An estate fence will surely bring a traditional rural elegance to any site. It has a feel of working with the landscape following its contours beautifully. It doesn’t seek to block off views, the opposite in fact, the horizontal bars are intended to be close enough to prevent livestock escaping without creating a visual barrier in order to maintain vistas across the countryside. Estate fencing is timeless, it’s not a passing fashion it’s part of our heritage and identity of our countryside. Who wouldn’t want to introduce a taste of this to their landscape?


Aside from keeping livestock in (or out) estate or parkland fencing forms a permanent delineation without making an area feel too hemmed in. We can offer options to allow straining wires through the posts if smaller animals are not to pass through or wire netting can be attached to keep rabbits or even prevent moles from entering your garden. Please be aware though this will also prevent desirable wildlife such as hedgehogs from migrating through.

Low maintenance

Estate fences require very little maintenance. They can be left to weather naturally meaning there is in fact no maintenance or if you choose to paint a high build quality paint requires a single coat and can be looking good for up to five years.


Our fencing is extremely strong and resistant to physical damage with a lifespan of at least 50 years and guaranteed for 25 years, once it’s done it’s done. As a testament to this, there are even some Victorian estate railings still visible today.

Suitable for a variety of settings

Estate fences are not just for estates they are often utilised for farm fencing to retain livestock, our taller alternatives can also be used for horse paddock fencing. Most often today it is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and as such it can be seen in housing developments and private gardens to introduce a stately, rural feel and provide a subtle delineation while retaining a view through.

Easy installation

Our estate fence panels could not be simpler to install. If your attaching them to a hard surface we can provide all elements with boltdown plates.

The weld your own estate fence kits comes with all the pre punched posts rails you need in 3 metre lengths and that too can be supplied with base plates if needed. Our range of optional extras ensures we can supply everything you need for every eventuality.

Estate fencing with easy installation

Estate and parkland fencing optional extras

Our extras ensure you have plenty of options to cover all eventualities.


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