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woven willow fencing

Woven Willow Fencing

Our woven willow fencing system is completely unique. The kits provide all the materials you need to weave a beautiful willow fence from the ground up all set within a sturdy steel framework designed and fabricated by us.

Typically weaving a willow fence on site was reserved for experts who would usually grow and harvest their own willow. No longer, anyone can build a willow fence using our kits it’s a fun and rewarding process. What’s more our system has the added advantage of steel. All the posts are steel meaning they won’t rot, increasing the life of your willow fence.

Not only does the steel provide more longevity its one of the standout visual features of our system. The specially selected willow stems are contained within the steel connector posts, these provide a strong vertical contrast to the natural willow and contain the cut ends so there are no visible joins.

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woven willow fencing on property

Why build a woven willow fence from our kits?

Money saving in the short term

Compared to having a continuous woven willow fence installed on site our kits should save you money even if paying for a trade to install it for you. Please see the price list below.

how to weave willow fence panels

Money saving in the long term

The all steel posts will increase the life of your willow fence. However the willow like all timber will rot eventually and this is where our system is really clever, once the willow has past its best you can simply remove it from the posts and weave new willow around them. The steel posts will be standing firm for well in excess of 30 years and need no adjustment to receive new willow.

No more yellow grass as it struggles to get a hold over the top of concrete haunching.

installing woven willow fencing

They look great

The willow and steel is a striking combination (in our opinion !) The steel should be left to weather naturally and will be similar colour to the willow despite being very different materials. The contrast of the straight steel connector posts and varied willow stems flowing into them accentuates the two materials and provides an interesting rhythm.

No more yellow grass as it struggles to get a hold over the top of concrete haunching.

willow fence panels close up


The steel posts allow you to create a very strong and long lasting willow fence. The connector posts are an H beam construction and will not fail in any weather conditions.

willow fence panels with steel posts

Simple to erect

There is a degree of physical strength required to get the posts in but aside from this installation is straight forward. Two people with no experience should still be able to install 15 square meters of willow fence in a day.

how to install woven willow fencing

What’s included with a woven willow fencing kit

1/ All the willow stems you need (also called willow withies or whips). We select the thickest stems. The are trimmed by us to 3 meters, leaving only the thickest portion ready to weave

woven willow fencing kits

2/ The connector posts. These are set every three meters and the ends of the willow stems slot into these. The connector posts are cemented in.

corner posts for woven willow fencing

3/ The mid posts. Between each connector posts are four mid posts, these round posts are simply knocked into the ground and the willow is woven around them.

woven willow fencing steel separators

4/ Fixings. The top willow stems are screwed to the steel posts, we provide the drill bit and self tapping screws to make this simple.

5/ Spacer. We include a spacer with each order, these help you space the connector posts the correct distance apart.

6/ Instructions.

spacer for woven willow fencing

Woven willow fencing Installation at a glance

1/ Cement the connector posts at 3 metre centres

2/ Knock the mid posts in at 60cm centres between the mid posts

mid posts for woven willow fencing

3/ Weave the 3 meter long willow stems in pairs around the mid posts with the end of the stems slotting into the connector posts. Alternate which side you weave around the posts with each pair.

4/ Once woven attach the top stem to the tops of the posts using the fixings provided.

drill woven willow fencing to metal stakes

5/ Stand back and feel proud!

willow fencing price list

The price reduces with increasing meterage as below

Prices per square metre excluding VAT

Area Cost per square metre excluding VAT
First 10 square meters
Next 10 to 20 square metres
Over 30 square meters
Over 50 square metres
£85.00 and Free Delivery
Over 50 square metres
Please Enquire

Standard delivery is £65.00 (excludes Highlands & Islands)

For any willow fence enquiry please get in touch via email, the enquiry form or call us, or for more in depth information at your leisure please see our sister website