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Woven Steel Fencing

While Estate fencing has been around since the Victorian times we would like to introduce you to a contemporary fencing system we developed just 10 years ago…

Like the estate fencing, the woven steel fencing is made completely of steel which is allowed to weather naturally. Woven steel fencing was developed and is run by our sister company

It’s a completely different fencing format, but a highly practical choice. Most of our customers are those who have seen our woven steel fencing and traced it back to us. 

Steelscapes offer woven steel fencing in a self build kit throughout the UK. The kits include the supply of all the steel, fixings and instructions you need to build your own woven steel fence from the ground up. It’s a fun and rewarding process with produces a unique and stunning results.

woven steel fencing kit

There is no comparison when it comes to durability either with a woven steel fence lasting well in excess of 30 years even in extreme environments.

Simply let us know the length and height of fence via email or phone, we will send you a bespoke quote, once the order has been place we will arrange delivery of the woven steel fencing package to your door.

Where can you use a woven steel fence?

Anywhere you would have a standard fence but being made of steel and being built from the ground up opens the door to many other uses too.

Woven steel boundary fence

The most popular application for woven steel fencing, you can build your fence to up to 2.5 meters tall and any increment up to it. Follow straight or curved boundaries and accommodate sloping sites by stepping the

woven steel boundary fence

Woven steel screens

Unlike most fences which would look strange as a single screen the ornamental appearance of woven steel enable it to be used as screens as features in themselves or to block unsightly views.

woven steel screens

Adding height to walls

We can offer wall fixing base and side plates to allow you to attach your woven steel fence to the top or side of a wall to provide more privacy or wind protection.

No more yellow grass as it struggles to get a hold over the top of concrete haunching.

woven steel fencing to add height to walls

Woven steel raised beds & soil retention

The beauty of steel is its strength and longevity, this makes woven steel fencing ideal for creating raised beds, soil retainers and terraces. We can supply corner posts for right angle corners or you can bend the slats by hand to form any angles. They are built in just the same way as a standard fence but the back is lined to prevent soil migrating through.

woven steel fencing for raised beds

Woven steel features

No many fence can boast the ability to be a feature in their own right. A woven steel fence can, we are often surprised by our customers creations. Create curves, angles, stepped tops, stepped bottoms and more. If your wondering if a woven steel fence can work for your project please get in touch.

woven steel fencing features

Woven steel gates

We can offer woven steel gates made to any size (within reason !) We only use steel and hand make the handles and latches so your gate will blend in beautifully with your fence, it may even be hard to spot. If your looking for a woven steel driveway or pedestrian gate please get in touch or visit Steelscapes for more information.

woven steel gates

How do I install a woven steel fence?

To summarise the installation, it’s a three part process.

We supply full installation instructions with each order

Knock the posts in

woven willow fencing post installation

Weave the steel around the posts 

weaving steel for woven willow fencing

Attach the slats to the top and end posts.

attaching top rails on woven steel fencing

Or if you really don’t fancy weaving your own woven steel fence please see our recommended installers 

What does a woven steel fence kit cost?

The cost is worked out on a square meterage basis, so if your fence is 10 metres long / 1.5 meters tall it’s 15 square metres.

Please see the price list below. Prices exclude vat. Standard delivery = £65.00

Self build fencing prices

Self build woven steel fencing. The complete kit Price ex VAT
First 2-10 m sq of woven steel fencing
£98 per sq metre
Next 10 to 20 sq meter (30 sq metre total)
£90 per sq metre
30 sq metres or more
£85 per sq metre
50 sq metres or more
Free Delivery

We appreciate you probably didn’t visit an estate fencing website to come across woven steel fencing.

However if it is of interest drop us a line or visit Steelscapes for more information and a website full of woven steel fence photos.