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With us, it’s simple. We specialise in the supply of high-quality estate fencing at trade prices.

Whether your estate fencing is destined for parks, country estates, or livestock enclosures, or you want to bring a slice of the quintessential English countryside into your garden or development, we are confident we have the solution for you.

We offer the highest quality estate fencing for self-installation in two formats, a weld-your-estate fence kit and our very convenient ready-made estate fencing panels, allowing anyone to install a beautiful estate fence. We also offer estate gates of any width to complement your estate fence perfectly.

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Weld your own estate fencing

Estate fencing panels

Estate fencing gates

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality, traditional, 5-rail estate fencing. We don’t use tubes or other hollow sections, just solid British steel.

Our estate panels and weld-your-own kit can be accompanied by decorative end or corner posts and gates.

We keep things simple, any fixings are included and gates come ready to install with posts and hinges. Most importantly, our prices are competitive.

We are confident you will not find the same specification of estate fence for less.

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Just a few reasons to buy from Countrywide Estate Fencing

Excellent value

Excellent value, purchasing directly from our Countrywide Estate Fencing’s Norfolk workshop will save you money without sacrificing on quality. From £28.00 + VAT per metre for a full 5-rail system, the numbers speak for themselves.

High quality

Our estate fencing is not only made from high quality mild steel. We do not use plastics or non-metallic parts in any of our fencing. Our fabricators take pride in what they do to ensure only the best quality fencing leaves our workshop.

Simple Installation

Estate fencing is inherently straightforward to install compared to most fencing types. Our choice of two self fit systems allows you to choose which is best for your needs. We can even recommend installers in most areas if you prefer.

More options

If you can weld, then our weld-your-own system is the way forwards. If you are looking for speed and convenience, then the ready-made panels are for you. Both systems can be paired with decorative posts and gates to cover every eventuality.

Great customer service

A big one for us. Countrywide Estate Fencing takes great pride in the service we offer our customers and enjoy forming the personal relationships we build with our clients.

Getting Greener

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and this year we installed solar panels on our workshop so on bright days we can generate all the power we need and more.

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